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Where can you effectively meet Asian brides

Asia is a large place on Earth’s surface – the biggest, actually, in square miles, compared to any other part of the world. ‘Asia’ embraces over 17.2 million square miles, over 4.5 billion population, 55 countries and territories, nearly 70 official languages (and thousands of dialects), and it spans at nearly entire Eurasia and a part of Africa. It is nearly impossible to give any super specific pieces of advice in such largeness. But, as there are some general features, we are going to focus on them and occasionally, we are going to focus on countries’ peculiarities to highlight something that residents of one Asian country have, which residents of another country don’t.   

Why Asian women in the first place?

So, you’re in the serious consideration of your future, where you see yourself a married guy having own house, a bunch of kids, and a nicely paid blue-collar or pink-collar job. Statistically, there are over 40,000 international marriages in the US, where a man or a woman with the US citizenship marries to somebody outside of the country. The most part of the marriages is concluded with Filipinas but other countries are also popular. 

Numerous pieces of research show that women of the West (the UK, the US, the EU, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) get an increasingly better education, jobs, salary, and social position than they used to decades ago. With an ongoing trend, they do not consider blue-collar men as equal partners anymore, as women start earning more than these men and being in higher social groups than men are. And it turns out that specifically blue-collar men are those who have been driving the market of international marriages in the West through the latest decades – because of their desire to marry a woman, not being excluded from the marriage market simply because women gain weight in society. White-collar and golden-collar men also marry internationally but their percentage is so low that is nearly defied in the total percentage of international marriages of Westerners. Thus, a skew has formed and gets bigger – between the social and financial class of men wanting to marry and women of their native land, who do not want to marry them. What to do in this situation to men rejected by the women of their class? The only obvious answer is to resort to international marriages! And to do that, the best option is to turn to mail order brides sites.

But what country to choose? What site to choose? What to know about online dating in the first place? Let’s try to answer all these questions step by step.

  1. Start your search from Asia. This is a big region with 50+ countries, which you can pre-filter according to your tastes and desires. For instance, in Japan and South Korea, ladies are most well-groomed, educated, sociable, share Western strivings and values, and dream about a nice place in society (including a job). If you don’t want your Asian woman to work – you can have a good housewife in the person of a Japanese or Korean girl. Also, nearly every woman from those countries knows English at a fluent level. If you want a hard-working woman to run the household with you (and you have a big one) – then try searching someone from Lao, India, Bangladesh, or Vietnam. If you’re looking for a nice picture to have great sex with her and receive good-looking children with a high probability of winning in the genome lottery, try Thailand, Russia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Jordan, Georgia, or the Maldives. For the rest of the reasons for your searches, you can come up with a bigger variety of answers.  
  2. As for the list of reliable sites, where the efficacy of search will be high – read at the end of this article, where we’ve placed a list and tell why we’ve included these sites on our list.
  3. What you should know about online dating? Well, as Asian brides mostly get to know you starting with your profile, it is up to you to impress them in the way you’re aimed at. Fill in your profile on every dating site as fully as possible, attach nice pictures that represent your appearance and social status, and tell about yourself in a free text (about your life and character). Talk nicely to ladies and do not act yourself as you wouldn’t act in real life – for instance, exclude rudeness, disregard, and don’t be a jerk in general. You select and you are selected – as Asian mail order bride sites work in both directions. 

Interesting facts about life and upbringing of Asian brides

Now, as we know how to start, let’s talk about some significant features of Asian mail order brides – just to let you know what are the reasons to consider Asians to date and marry them.

Let’s consider some peculiar Asian traditions

  1. Bowing and being polite is inherent to nearly every Asian. Also, the most important man will always come at the end of a delegation consisting of several people (he or she also enters the premise the last).
  2. Dishes are mostly spicy – and this spiciness prevents local people from having many parasite-related diseases, which they may encounter in a hot climate. But it is nearly unbearable for white people (especially to mention Indian and Pakistani cuisine). So, after you get married to an Asian mail order bride, you will have to deal with her about the acceptable spiciness of cuisine she cooks for you in the future.
  3. Wealthy Asians love to follow the Western style of life. That’s why, there is a natural hysteria today about owning mobile phones – and in a number of countries, this indicator is bigger than 1 mobile phone per one person on average. For instance, in Hong Kong, there are 2.4 mobiles per person. In Singapore – 1.5. And more than 1 is also in Malaysia, Taiwan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and some others. Also, in Japan and South Korea, they adore fast foods. They have more McDonald’s restaurants per capita than the US (although none of them looks fat – as it is really illegal to be fat there)! They also love vending machines – and use them for everything, from condoms to ready-made dinners.

Why is Asian wife alluring for the men of the West?

There are several main reasons for this:

What traits of character Asian women have

Do all Asian women consider moving abroad? Learn more facts about them

Definitely, it would be a misconception to believe that every Asian woman wishes to become a mail order bride. On the contrary, the overwhelming part does not want to leave their countries where they feel comfortable enough and have a good social position. But the thing is that poor Asian countries have some number of beautiful Asian girls who feel oppressed, not able to find themselves financially and socially (and not only they feel like that but they also understand it and want to go for international marriage). And as for the rich countries – some percentage of young Asian singles want to escape them because the society is too demanding: employers demand to work for too hard and too long every day, parents want you to see in a high social and financial position and climbing higher and higher, while possible husbands demand perfect housekeeping while doing nothing themselves in the house. 

So, in the case of poor countries of the region, Asian mail order brides climb up the hill. In the case of rich ones, they want to go downhill. Eventually, they find a safe harbor in a house of a blue-collar man with a loving heart and average yet steady yearly income, who does not demand from them something that cannot be fulfilled. Everyone’s happy – as girls find their happiness and stability, able to give birth to children and raise them being assured in tomorrow, while men are covered with care and attention. 

Facts about Asian beauty

It is not a secret that Asian girls are one of the best-looking females in the world. It is considered beautiful in Asia to have as marble-white skin as possible. For that, they buy special whitening creams and avoid being on the street under the direct sunlight (so don’t expect any Asian to want to share sunbaths with you on a beach).

Also, they love when men adore their beauty. Actually, for a normal regular young Asian woman, it is desirable to become an object of adoration – and in this, Asians are similar to Colombians. Their sexuality is very different (Colombians are vulgar in their show-up, while Asians are refined and subtle) but they do many actions to become an aim for a man’s eye. In that, they differ from an average Western woman, who can only wear a nice costume to the office. The rest do not mind how they look – so, they’re gray, unpretentious, and often, repulsive. If you make a muzzle with disgust when you look at Western women all around you and don’t even get sexually aroused when looking at them – you are a completely healthy man, my friend, and you need a lovely Asian mail order bride.

What pushes those women to stay and to move

Depending on the situation in the economy and society of this or that Asian country, we can divide the situations of staying and moving into roughly two poles:

  1. A girl is likely to stay in her country if she was born in one of the economically advanced countries of Asia (to name a few – these are Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Maldives, Israel, Hong Kong, South Korea). Yes, the level of social demands and expectations is high but a lot of people are brought up in the way of not even thinking about alternatives, having high social responsibility and living this life pretty much normally. As a rule, they receive classy education, prestigious jobs, and gain a decent social position. If girls from such countries consider becoming Asian mail order brides, they wish to downgrade (downshift) or, on the contrary, to improve. We are not going to consider the position of improvement, as it falls out of the scope of international marriage agencies. But as for the downshifting or remaining at the same level – that is the exact scope.
  2. A girl is likely to move abroad if she was born in one of the economically poor countries (to name a few, these are Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Nepal, Syria, and Tajikistan). As a rule, these countries are impacted by wars and terroristic organizations on their territories (some of them even start ones), they have neither a nice economy nor the high level of literacy, and their social and financial perspectives are so poor that they don’t have any incentives to continue living life. These girls strive to improve their position in finances, social guarantees, and stability. If not for themselves – they want to improve their lives for the sake of their existing or future children. 

Surely, this division is not unshakeable or black-and-white. There are always intermediate shades of these, as every person is unique. Also, people change and their goals change, too. They may have registered on one of the dating sites having only a vague definition of their general goal in their head, the same as you. Eventually, you are going to find someone to your liking. And the most important step is to start acting. So, why wouldn’t you right now take some action and register on one of the dating websites, complete your profile and start looking? Even the longest way always starts with the first step.

What Asian wives will bring into your life

  1. For a start, it is crucial to understand that the commitment of an Asian girl to kids in a family will change from country to country. The general rule applies – the poorer a country is, the less likely she wants to have children. If you don’t want (more) kids in a family, it will be very easy for you to pick such a girl on a dating site – surprisingly easier than amongst Western women who are more old-fashioned in this.
  2. But in terms of sex, Asian mail order brides are much likely to want to meet your sexual interests. 9 of 10 single Asian women think that the full satisfaction of a man in the bed is a must for a nice and long life together. This is also an often reason why men in Asia cheat – they are simply looking for sexual gratification elsewhere if they don’t have it in a family. So she will go to specialized classes and watch porn only to learn how to satisfy you better. Why do you think online porn is so popular today amongst Asian ladies?
  3. She is about femininity, not feminism. A man is a center and head of the family, while an Asian girl is a helper for him to run everything.

The best and trusted Asian mail order brides websites

We have spoken a lot about Asian girls for marriage, their character, features of their upbringing, culture, and personal attitude. Now let’s talk about the online places, where you can find an Asian bride – with efficiency, not spending too much time, at a reasonable price, and having an opportunity to search all over Asia, not only in some specific country. 

Considering the list of Asian dating sites online

Now, as we’ve come to the point of considering the best Asian dating for dating, let’s make the list first:


Now let’s discuss in detail why we consider them the best places to meet Asian girl online.

  1. Many million people use them every month from all over the world, which is the first surest indicator of their usefulness and practicality. You can make sure about that when you see high user ratings (defined in the stars) on the site – these stars are given by users and independent editors and they estimate everything, from convenience to user base, from the quality of profiles to the ease of use and registration.  
  2. Many registered users, which number steadily grows every month. This makes it easier for men and hot Asian women to find their happiness, as they receive large vastness of search.
  3. Many thousands of users online at any given time – from late night to business hours. For instance, it is possible to meet Asian bride very fast from 2,000+ girls online on any of the dating sites and start chatting with her ar nearly any time of the day. This makes it possible to start an immediate conversation (if you like a person) without the need to wait when a person whom you have written to is going to be online.
  4. A very high response rate of the real Asian brides. You probably know this frustrating situation when you send a letter to somebody or write in a chat and this person does not respond to you, like, ever. If on some website, this repeats on and on with every new letter sent by you, it is impossible to think about staying on this site and using it further. Any dating website that does not have at least 50% responses to the letters and chats of an average user is not worth spending time. Here, on every of the named Asian mail order bride dating websites, the reply rate is over 80% (the biggest part of them has over 90%). That literally means that 9 out of every 10 chats and letters are eventually responded. Thus, you don’t waste your time and efforts on ineffective sites with an opaque communication system. 
  5. Free and very simple registration, which only takes you a couple of minutes to start looking for an Asian bride.

The mentioned information altogether means that you can easily register, easily find someone using the search, start communication and get answered, chat with someone with whom you have mutual gravitation, and, eventually, find your future Asian mail order bride – thanks to the effectiveness of the tool you’re using (we mean, a dating site). 

We wish you to be effective in your searches and we also wish you personal happiness in your marriage with an Asian lady!

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